What is turingEssentials?

turingEssentials is an intuitive DNS analytics dashboard that helps you understand your DNS data. It is designed with Nominet’s Membership in mind, is free for Nominet Members and is built on top of Nominet’s proprietary Enterprise DNS software: turing

With turingEssentials you will be able to see your DNS data through an intuitive interface displaying top level patterns and behaviours.

View our leaflet for more details on the benefits of turingEssentials.

How does it work?

turingEssentials is cloud-based. Our engineers will work with you to run our script on your DNS server and your DNS data will stream securely to our cloud based environment.

Once installed just log in to turingEssentials and your DNS data will be visually presented to you, giving you immediate insights.

During the installation you will need to specify a technical contact who will be responsible for the installation within your organisation and can work with our engineers and ensure the service is set up correctly on your servers.

Please note: If you have large volumes of DNS data then we highly recommend the enterprise version of this service. For more information on this please visit www.turing.uk

Where can I sign up?

To register your interest, log into Online Services and follow the registration process. We will then be in touch to book an installation time.