Registrar Agreement explained


The current version of the Registrar Agreement came into effect on 1 March 2016. 

The Registrar Agreement is the contract that governs the commercial relationship between Nominet and you, our registrars.

With the Registrar Agreement we want to:

  • Ensure and reward higher standards to reinforce the reputation of the UK namespace as trusted, relevant and competitive
  • Demonstrate how the UK domain name industry is responsibly self-regulating and working in the interests of registrants
  • Strengthen the UK namespace, promoting best practice and supporting you, our registrars, by providing additional benefits and services to help you build a more robust UK business

The Registrar Agreement offers three options (tag types) for registrars to choose from depending on who their customers are, the service levels they work to and whether they wish to make the most of the additional benefits available in return for meeting higher standards. Registrars may have one or more tags of different types in order to manage their business.

The Data Quality Policy – supporting the Registrar Agreement

Alongside the Registrar Agreement we have a Data Quality Policy, which sets out how we will work with registrars to help improve the quality of data provided for registrants of UK domains names.

We believe that improving and maintaining the quality of the data we have for registrants - and that we subsequently publish in our WHOIS database - is a critical part of ensuring that the UK namespace is trusted and safe.

Further information

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