.uk WHOIS Address Opt Out

The Nominet WHOIS service is used to find information about domain names ending in .uk. It displays the information that we hold about domain names that are currently registered including:

  • registrant's details (name and postal address)
  • registration and next renewal dates
  • current status
  • registrar
  • name servers associated with the domain name.

You are obliged to provide us with accurate details about your customers when registering their .uk domain names under the terms and conditions of registration and our registrar agreement with you. These details will be used in the WHOIS.

However individuals not using their domain name for commercial purposes may opt out from having their address, and address for service (where required), published on the WHOIS. See our policy on WHOIS here.

How to set the WHOIS opt-out

The opt-out can be set either on initial registration, or through modifying or updating the domain name's details after registration.

Incorrect opt-out

If we are made aware of any domain name that may be incorrectly opted out of the WHOIS, we will make the appropriate investigations.

We have a set process that we follow that enables us to remove the opt-out from ineligible domains. This includes sending emails to both the registrant and the registrar. The domain name can also be locked to prevent the registrant from opting back out without appropriate checks being made to ensure it is eligible for opt-out. If you would like to appeal Nominet's removal of the opt-out on a domain, you can email nominet@nominet.org.uk.