Email to .uk rights holders

What was the mailing purpose?

From 15 September 2014 to 7 November 2014 Nominet undertook an email campaign to registrants with rights to a short .uk domain under the .uk 5-year reservation mechanism.

The email was sent to all qualifying registrants with the purpose of increasing awareness of the right to a .uk now associated with their domain. The email is part of a wider commitment to let eligible registrants know about .uk’s 5-year free reservation mechanism, to provide reassurance and help build awareness of the opportunity to exercise this right if they choose to do so.

What were the results of the mailing?

Registrants received one email per unique email address, even where that covered domains held with a number of different registrars. The mailing excluded registrants that have already exercised their right and emails that could not be pre-verified.

The results were broadly as expected

  • 2.8 million emails were sent, with an open rate of 26% (against an industry average of 17-30%)
  • The number of registrants signing up to receive further information was low at less than 150.
  • Less than 0.1% of registrants who opened the email identified it as spam.

We currently have no further plans for registrant email communications on this subject, though we may feel it is necessary to communicate the end of the rights period in a few years time, at which point we would engage with registrars on plans.   

We continue to encourage registrars to engage with their customers about the benefits of short .uk domains.