Advanced option for welcome email

Here is an example of the welcome email version used if you have selected the advanced option. You will see that additional customised information about you, the registrar is given in this version. This additional text is required for submission and approval when you initially activate the advanced option in your Online Services account. For a more detailed explanation of the welcome email please visit our guide. An example of the basic version is also available.

Subject: Your .uk domain name 

Thank you for choosing to register a .uk domain name. We are sending you this email to confirm that you now have an account with us. Your domain name provider manages your domain name for you and should be your first point of contact with any queries you may have. Your provider is:

[Registrar name]
OR [Reseller name]

[Registrar Public / custom url]
OR [Reseller Public url]

Information from your domain name provider:

[Registrar's custom welcome text]

If you need the details of your Nominet account they are:
Account Name:      [Account Name]
Contact Name:      [Contact]
Account Number:    [Account Number]

Domain names on this account:

[List of domain names]

If you need any help managing your domain names or contacting your domain name provider you can call us on 01865 332244 or email for further advice.

For more information about Nominet UK please visit our website at

Kind regards, 

Customer Services 
T +44 (0)1865 332244 
F +44 (0)1865 332288 

Nominet UK is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England under No. 3203859. Our registered office is Minerva House, Edmund Halley Road, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4DQ, England.