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Promoting Our Accredited Channel Partners on theukdomain.uk Spinner

 theukdomain.uk provides businesses and consumers with:

• Information about UK domains
• Content to support them to get online and get the best out of being online
• The ability to search for their chosen UK domain
• The choice and functionality to select one of our Accredited Channel Partners from whom they can purchase their domain and associated hosting & website packages

All of our UK Domain marketing campaigns drive traffic to theukdomain.uk as well as our ongoing content and social media strategy.

Our aim is to continually improve the customer journey and ensure that people have the right information available to them to support their buying decision. Ultimately this will help us optimise conversion rates through to purchasing with a chosen registrar.

Here are a few developments to our spinner that we have in the pipeline:

• Layout updates for how Accredited Channel Partners (ACPs) will appear on the spinner
• Implementation of new functionality for ‘priority ranking’ of ACPs based on set criteria
• The ability for ACPs to list their bespoke service offerings rather than conform to a set list of criteria
• The introduction of displaying prices and promotional offers for each ACP

To be considered for our UK spinner you need to meet the following compulsory criteria:

• Be an Accredited Channel Partner
• Sell domains direct to the public, i.e. not wholesale
• Offer the following base services:
– Hosting
– £ Sterling
– Website building package(s)
• Pull through and pre-populate the domain name searched for on theukdomain.uk (query string pulled through for reporting purposes this needs to have ‘domain=’ within it)
• Not show any competing TLDs at any point in the buying process
• Promote .UK domain family through either:
– A dedicated .UK family landing page
– Straight through to a cart with only .UK family domains offered

During sign up you will be asked to supply the following:
• A high resolution image of your logo (recommended minimum height 300px)
• A max 20-word description of your company
• A list of the services you provide

Sign up to the spinner today.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Spinner Updates

If you already have a spinner profile with us and would like to make updates to this such as update your logo, or add additional services please complete the spinner update form.

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