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A preference for Welsh domains

Our research shows that 70% of Welsh consumers and 59% of Welsh businesses believe that Wales should have its own domain space, and that they have a strong preference for either .wales or .cymru over most alternatives.

Our survey found that in direct comparison to .co.uk, 59% and 53% of Welsh consumers prefer .cymru and .wales respectively. In direct comparison to .com, as many as 72% and 70% of Welsh consumers prefer .cymru and .wales respectively. Amongst businesses there tends to be a higher preference for .wales over .cymru because it is more recognisable outside Wales.

The Welsh market

The Welsh market provides a significant opportunity for registrars to sell .cymru and .wales domains to individuals and business.

In Wales, 84% of homes have broadband access to the Internet and 25% of adults use their mobile phones to access data services. This means that the internet is a potentially important channel to market for businesses – especially Wales’ high proportion of SMEs and micro businesses – who wish to sell to consumers in Wales.

In addition to the three million people who live in Wales, research suggests that there may be around three quarters of a million Welsh people living outside Wales and 3 million people who claim Welsh ancestry. This suggests that there may be a pool of between 4 and 5 million consumers who could be attracted by a Welsh domain name as a consequence of their national identity.

There is likely to be a further pool of consumers who do not have a Welsh identity but who are also attracted by a brand based on Welsh identity, because of the positive characteristics that they associate with that brand.

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