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Promotion for .wales and .cymru

.wales and .cymru £1 domain registration promotion – September & October 2021 

We would like to invite all ICANN Accredited Registrars who have signed the .wales and .cymru Registry Registrar Agreements to participate in a £1 promotion of the .wales and .cymru domains. 

For September and October 2021 only, we are offering our registrars new registrations for just £1 (plus VAT). You are free to select either one or both months in which to run this promotion. 

Further information on this promotion is outlined below along with the criteria to participate. If at any time we become aware that a registrar does not meet the outlined criteria we reserve the right to remove them from the promotion. 

Sign up is available via our online sign up form from 12:00 UTC +1  Tuesday 20th July and closes at 12:00 UTC +1 on 16th August for the September promotion and from 12:00 UTC +1 20th July until 12:00 UTC +1 13th September for the October promotion. You must sign up to participate in the promotion by the deadline dates below to be eligible to start in the relevant month. The below table shows the deadlines for sign up for each prospective promotional month:

Sign up opens Sign up closes Promotion start date

12:00 Tuesday 20th July 2021 

12:00 Monday 16th August 2021 

Wednesday 1st September 2021 

(ends Thursday 30th September) 

12:00 Tuesday 20th July 2021 

12:00 Monday 13th September 2021 

Friday 1st October 2021 

(ends Sunday 31st October) 


What is the aim of this promotion?  

To drive an increase in awareness of the .wales and .cymru domains and to increase registrations of .wales & .cymru domains. 

When can I run the promotion?  

Between 1st September and 30th September and 1st October and 31st October 2021.

What must I do to participate in this promotion?  

  • Confirm to Nominet the promotional price you intend to pass onto your customers 
  • Deliver an email marketing campaign to all your existing customers based in Wales 
  • Provide details of the promotional activity you intend to carry out to maximise the impact of the promotion 
  • Promote .wales and or .cymru domains prominently on your website 

What is the offer?  

  • The £1 promotion applies to first year of registration only and a credit will be issued for the reduced price of each registration invoiced 
  • Renewals are not subject to any rebate 
  • For single year domains, the buy one get one half price bundle would not apply for qualifying domains in this promotion, i.e. both would be invoiced at £1.00 each. More information on the price bundle can be found on Registrar Resources  
  • Two plus year registrations will be reduced by the price of the first year rebate

Example cost of registration: 

Length of registration  Domain cost price for a bundled package – both .cymru and .wales  Domain price for a single domain – either .cymru or .wales 

One year 

£1.00 + £1.00 

Total £2.00 


Total £1.00 

Two years 

£1.00 + £1.00 (year 1) 

£7.50 + £3.75 (year 2) 

Total £13.25 

£1.00 (year 1) 

£7.50 (year 2) 

Total £8.50 

Marketing activities 

On application, please outline how you plan to promote the offer to existing and new customers.    

Some examples are listed below, although this isn’t an exhaustive list so please do include any other specific activities that you intend to implement to drive registrations: 

  • Home page advertising 
  • Email marketing to existing customer base in Wales 
  • Advertising – above the line e.g. television/radio 
  • Bundle a .wales or .cymru with another service 
  • Place .wales and .cymru in top 10 of drop down list 
  • Place .wales and .cymru in top 10 of available results list
  • Social media activity
  • Press release
  • Newsletter
  • Google AdWords campaign at launch
  • Other (i.e. print, ad banners, please specify in application)

What support will be available? 

We have produced a ‘toolkit’ of support materials specific to this promotion containing: 

  • .wales and .cymru brand guidelines, logos and assets 
  • Registrant focused positioning statements and promotional messages 
  • Relevant .wales and .cymru case studies 
  • Promotion specific assets, including: 
    • Digital banner adverts 
    • Email Assets 
    • Social media advert templates
    • A promotional incentive content piece ‘Why your business needs to HAVE A WEBSITE AND 3 EASY STEPS TO GETTING STARTED Guide’ 

If you have any questions, please contact our customer services team on +44 (0) 333 222 5720 or email [email protected]

Minerva House, Edmund Halley Road, Oxford Science Park, OX4 4DQ, United Kingdom