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The Nominet co-marketing programme for 2021 is open to all .UK member registrars and runs each year from 1st April to 31st March.

The programme applies to the .UK Domain Family only and offers funding to .UK member registrars to support marketing activities focused on:

  • Increasing .UK Domain Family registrations
  • Growing usage of .UK Domains Family
  • Targeting higher retention of .UK Domains Family

Sign up for the 2021 co-marketing programme.

You can find out more in our programme guide, in our FAQs below and on our channel marketing portal where you can also find some inspirational example campaigns.

If you have any questions, you can contact our customer services team on +44 (0)1865 332233 or via email [email protected]


Who is eligible to apply for co-marketing?

Any .UK Member Registrars are eligible to apply for co-marketing. There is no restriction on size, accreditation or revenue of registrar – it’s available to all.

Is there a minimum amount that you have to commit to?

No, there’s no minimum level for co-marketing activity. The type of activity you propose will determine the spend that we’d support. The level of spend is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How long can a co-marketing campaign run for?

There’s no mandated duration for a co-marketing application as they are bespoke campaigns designed with our registrars, however campaigns typically run for two-to-six weeks.

What can the co-marketing funds be used towards?

Typically, co-marketing funds are used towards promotional activity that can drive a clear path to purchase for new registrations and renewals, or a measurable increase in awareness for the .UK Domains Family, or indeed a blend across multiples of these “strands”. This activity could include (but is not restricted to):

  • Online display advertising
  • Paid social promotion (across any channels/platforms)
  • Print/online advertising in a third-party publication
  • Out of home (OOH) advertising across TV/Radio
  • Content creation
  • External agency or freelancer fees

Generally, we ask that promotional activities drive prospects to a dedicated landing page where there are no competing TLDs, and as part of the application review process we may ask to review your path to purchase and/or the campaign creative.

If you’re unsure which channels to propose or would like some guidance around how to build your co-marketing campaign, our marketing team can consult with you to advise on how to get the best out of your campaign.

Will you fund my marketing team’s time?

No, marketing spend we support must be external (e.g. for paid social such as Facebook ads, or fees for third-party marketing consultants) rather than for work done/time spent by you or your own employees.

Can more than one co-marketing campaign be live at any given time?

Yes, there may be multiple co-marketing campaigns live across different registrars, though we are not able to disclose the activities of other partners. Typically, we prefer that registrars which are part of a wider group don’t run co-marketing campaigns at the same time as other registrars within the group, unless there is a clear business justification.

Can I run multiple co-marketing campaigns in the Financial Year?

Yes, you can apply at any time regardless of any previous activity, there’s no limit to the number of co-marketing campaign applications you can submit throughout the financial year. Each co-marketing application is reviewed on its own merit.

How can I apply for co-marketing?

You can access our online application for co-marketing here. For more information, please see the co-marketing programme guide.

Can I offer other products and or services with .UK Domains Family?

Yes, the domain can be sold in conjunction with other products and services you provide (e.g. hosting, a website builder or SSL certificates).

Can Nominet just provide me with discounted domains?

No, we are unable to provide straight rebates on the wholesale price to member registrars. In certain cases, we provide a tiered funding model based on anticipated uplift in registrations over the course of the activity above an agreed baseline, which is based on previous registration performance and marketing spend.

What’s the difference between a promotion and co-marketing?

Nominet offer promotions where, over a fixed period, a reduction of the wholesale fee is available to all Nominet member registrars. The qualification criteria for the promotion is typically detailed in the Terms & Conditions at sign up within Online Services. There is a choice of promotion available to reflect the different business models of our member base. Once you have signed up to a promotion and the activity has run, your invoice will automatically be updated with the promotional pricing during the valid period.

Co-marketing is different, in that member registrars must apply for funds to support their .UK marketing activity. The programme changes slightly each year but funding is available at any time and is custom-designed in partnership with the registrar, based on their needs and goals. The co-marketing application process allows member registrars to apply online to run a campaign, the proposal is then reviewed by the Nominet team. After the activity is signed off and has taken place, we ask for proof of spend and jointly review the performance of the campaign. The registrar then invoices Nominet for the co-marketing spend as set out in the original agreement.  

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