Nominet campaign activity

We are keen to promote .uk and retain the trust in our established extensions. To join us in doing this we have many ways that you can help.

Targeting consumers

Meet the Domain Family – they are here to show us that a .uk domain is for everyone – helping families take control of their digital identity. We have a 60 second video and a 15 second intro video which registrars are welcome to host and share. This is the first in a series of short videos featuring a digital family called ‘the Domains’. It promotes the benefits of registering their new born baby’s digital identity and buying their family’s web domain. Further episodes in this series will be released in the coming months. The videos have also been made available within the birthday toolkit folders – email us if you need a login credentials reminder.

Targeting businesses

Email campaign to SME’s. Throughout July we promoted .uk in wider business communities, via a pilot series of B2B email campaigns. Targeting 400k small businesses, the emails encouraged .uk uptake amongst businesses with domains as well as those using other extensions.

.uk London event

.uk had its first birthday on the 10 June, to celebrate we went to the streets of London and amazed commuters with a groups of seemingly ordinary people who transformed into visible, successful individuals through the use of .uk. The aim was to share the message that anyone can own a .uk domain name.

We have made the video and images available for you to use to help spread the message through your own social media.

Social media

We use social media to keep you up to date. So Like us at UK Domain Family and follow us @dotuk / @Nominet to know what we are up to and share with your customers.

If you have any questions please email us: