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Transaction Fees

gTLD Pricing

TLD Registration / Renewal Restore Additional information
.cymru .wales £7.50 per year £7.50 .cymru .wales bundling
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.cymru .wales Bundling

Where a registrant buys a .cymru and a .wales domain from the same registrar within 30 days of each other, a discount of 50% for the 2nd domain will be applied to the registrar’s monthly invoice.

Bundling fees

.cymru and .wales domains (1 year registration):           £11.25
.cymru and .wales domains (multi-year registration):    £11.25 per year

The discount is only available when .cymru and .wales are purchased within 30 days of each other by the same registrant (we require a 100% match on name and address) and through the same registrar. To enable price bundling, we check that the registrant and registrar match via a unique identifier. The discount will be applied regardless of whether the second level strings match.  The registrar does not need to do anything to qualify for the discount.

We are offering the 50% discount to registrars to encourage both .cymru and .wales to be marketed together to registrants, helping to promote equal adoption of both domains to promote the bi-lingual Welsh community.

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