Introduction to BI

Business Intelligence – working with you to do better business

Business Intelligence (BI) from Nominet provides up-to-date data analysis on your .uk domain registrations against the rest of the market, to help you to make the best business decisions.

Accessible through a secure system, the interactive tool offers a convenient way of monitoring your business performance.

Use BI for

  • Improved monitoring of business performance
  • Supporting business decision making, enabling you to grow your business in the .uk market
  • Convenient reporting of your business data on registrations, renewals and forecasting

What do you get from BI?

  • A snapshot of your current registrations and renewals data month on month
  • Marketplace positioning and performance over time
  • Access to up to date data on your trading activity
  • Forecasting of domain name renewals
  • Historic information and complete trend analysis.
  • Option to generate and export reports to Excel for further analysis, download as pdf or print

Benefits of BI

Dynamic reporting

This new bespoke service for registrars gives you

  • Access to dynamic tailored analysis on .uk domain names, including reports on registrations and renewals, forecasting, transfers and cancellations
  • Convenient pdf reports (download or via email)

Monthly snapshot

In addition to using the up-to-date reports, you can also get a snapshot of all of the reports in the BI system by download or by subscribing to monthly reports by email, for multiple recipients.

BI alerts

Get notified on when you reach key figures. You can set up alerts in BI to notified by email when you monthly growth rate, registrations by volume, or renewal rates reach a certain limits.

Getting started

To start using this new initiative simply set up as a BI user via your Online Service account. Once you have established your username and password you will be ready to access all the valuable insight available from the interactive data reports. Login to create your account.

Once you have created your BI user, you can login to the secure BI system, with your username and password via:

Help with BI

If you have any questions relating to BI, take a look at our ‘Getting started guide’ or our FAQ page. If your question isn’t answered here please email our customer services team:[email protected].


If you have any feedback on Business Intelligence please email [email protected]


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