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Who can set up as a BI user?
An administrative contact on a Registrar account can log into Online Services and set up a BI User.

How many BI users can I set up under my account?
Only one BI user can be set up per account.

I have multiple accounts, do I need to set up a BI user for each one? 

How can I change the BI User login name?
The BI user will need to be deleted and a new BI user will need to be created. This is done in the Business Intelligence area in Online Services.

How can I update the BI User password? / I have forgotten my BI Password how can reset it?
The BI User’s Password can be updated or changed in the Business Intelligence area in Online Services.

I have locked my BI account how can I unlock it?
Please call Nominet BI support on +44 (0) 330 236 9480.

When Logging into Nominet BI I can’t see the Registrar Resources Dashboard
Sometimes your browser remembers which BI Pages you were on last. To go back to the Registrar Resources home page navigate to ‘Dashboards’ in the common header area at the top of the screen and select Registrar Resources from the drop down menu.

I can’t see any graphs in the BI system
Nominet BI requires Flash to view the graphs. You can download Adobe Flash Player here.

I am getting a lot of errors on the Nominet BI system. How can I prevent this?
Nominet BI requires a modern browser, Firefox has the best compatibility but the following browsers are also supported: IE 7 or above, Firefox 4 or above, Google Chrome.

How can I export data from Nominet BI?
Below each Analysis there is an export button which has options to export data in various formats.

How can I submit feedback about the system?
Feedback can be submitted via email to: [email protected].

How can I save my current view of data as the default?
Click on Page Options (top right of the dashboard) then choose ‘Save Current Customisation’ and tick ‘Make this my default for this page’.

Where can I see my recently accessed dashboards?
In the common header area there is a recent link. This shows you your recently access dashboards, along with the most popular area.

When was the data last updated?
The customisation area on the left shows when the data was last updated for each dashboard

I am not getting any data returned on my reports/analyses
Check that your filters are not too restrictive. If you are still having problems please call Nominet BI support on +44 (0) 330 236 9480.

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