Promoting Accredited Channel Partners

The UK domains website,, provides consumers and businesses with the information they need about UK domains. As well as being able to search for a UK domain name, we provide a randomly generated list of Accredited Channel Partners to help the customer complete their purchase journey.

The purpose for the registrar spinner is to improve the customer experience and optimise conversion rates through to purchasing with a chosen registrar. Therefore, participating registrars are asked to provide details on their business and meet specific criteria for the associated landing page.

To be considered for the spinner you must:

  • Be an Accredited Channel Partner
  • Sell domains direct to the public, i.e. not wholesale

To help visitors choose a suitable registrar we show icons to denote services offered and a brief registrar description. To provide consistency in the customer journey we are asking registrars for a landing page that features at least .uk and and that is exclusive of competing domains. We also provide the technology to allow registrars to pre-populate the domain name searched for.

Registrars are asked to provide the following:

  • A high resolution image of your logo (240px x 240px on a white background recommended)
  • A 100 word description of your company and service (displayed when a logo is clicked)
  • Indicate on our tick list which services you provide (displayed as icons)
  • A URL to a dedicated UK Domain Family landing page that meets the following criteria:
    • Features .uk and and ideally the remaining UK Domain Family
    • Does not include any competing domains
    • Compatible with the UK Domain Family brand guidelines and does not use old style logos
    • Ideally is pre-populated with the domain name searched for on You need to switch on the ability to detect an incoming parameter string from Nominet’s site to allow this to happen
    • Landing page links through to a search/purchase page, ideally exclusive of competing domains, but at least showing the relevant UK Domain Family names first and highlighted in the search

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